The North Corridor has established itself as the best option for the flow of production in Brazil’s Midwest region and continues to expand every year. The Arco Norte (Northern Arc) ports continued to be the main logistics option for shipping grain originating in Mato Grosso, and accounts for 51% of the total volume exported in the year.

Hidrovias do Brasil is present in Arco Norte with the best structure for meeting its customers’ demand.


Cargo Transshipment Station – ETC Mirituba

ETC Miritituba was inaugurated in 2016. It is located in the Itaituba municipality (Pará State) and unloads the products from trucks that arrive via BR163 highway and loads them onto barges that take the items to the port for export.



The ability to operate 2 products at the same time (corn and soybeans);

144.000 tonnes of static capacity – the largest in the region;

4 side hoppers with an average capacity of 22.000 tonnes per day;

Floating Pier with an average capacity of 26.000 tonnes per day

Private Use Terminal – TUP Vila do Conde

Since 2016, TUP Vila do Conde handles barges and trucks with agricultural products such as soybeans and corn and performs the entire process of storing and transferring them to export ships.



240 thousand tonne static capacity for storing corn and soybeans;

The company already has a license to expand the static capacity to up to 360 thousand tonnes and the size of current area would already support this expansion and even further, optimizing future investments;

Average barge unloading 30 thousand tonnes per day capacity;

Ship loader ramp with a 30 thousand tonnes per day capacity;

Ship pier: the ability to operate capesize ships at our pier/terminal;

1 berth (mixed anchoring system) for operating fertilizer ships, with a reduced line up.

Fertilizer Operation

Since 2017, Hidrovias do Brasil has pioneered in making it possible to import fertilizer into Brazil on the route between Barcarena and Miritituba, bringing more competitiveness to Brazilian agribusiness with the use of return freight.



Our fertilizer operation takes place at CDP (Company Docas do Pará);

We have a transport capacity of 500 thousand tonnes per year.