We are a company guided by ethics, transparency and sustainability, with a highly qualified team that works in a healthy environment that encourages creativity and innovation. We are continuously growing and looking for new talent with determination and desire to do and to make happen - and dream big!

The Hidrovias


Hidrovias do Brasil is always evolving, we are driven by challenges and always seek to do better. Discover the Hidrovias Way and find out why this is the best option for your career development.


we contribute with our colleagues for better deliveries, fostering collaboration and team spirit, strengthening relationships

Continuous growth

We drive the company's growth by developing people

Caring for tomorrow

We value sustainability by protecting today to be able to secure for tomorrow

Value generation

We make deliveries that generate impact and value for the company and its stakeholders


We contribute with new ideas and improvements in a simple and agile manner


We inspire people to go beyond - together


We fulfill what is agreed to - the right way

Safety and Excellence

We deliver with excellence, ensuring people's safety


“I am very proud to be part of this team that moves Brazil's economy. Hidrovias is one of the country’s largest logistics companies, it generates jobs in several areas, enabling the development of its employees.”

– Danillo Pelegrini Cuadrado

Operation Supervisor (Santos)
“Hidrovias is synonymous to innovation and overcoming challenges, something that makes me very proud to be part of this team. Each employee is free to contribute to more complex projects, and always has great challenges to overcome.”

– Euler Quaresma

Maintenance Coordinator (North)
“I fell in love with HBSA right from the start. Here, I always have challenges, new knowledge and learning. Not to mention the management, which is what moves me the most, makes me grow, because they believe in me and in my potential.”

– Vanessa Silva

Project Analyst (Holding)
“Since I started my journey at HBSA, everything has been an adventure: the company is very dynamic, with many opportunities for learning and professional and personal growth. The company is not afraid to take risks and work hard to find solutions and is always seeking to modernize.”

– Rafael Adorno

Mechatronic Engineer (Paraguay – South)