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Hidrovias wants to hear from you. Use our Ombudsman channel for compliments, requests, suggestions, criticism and doubts.


Or contact us by phone:

Brazil: 0800-882-0609

Barcarena and region (calls & WhatsApp) (091) 99169-9355 / (091) 99118-8046

Itaituba and region (calls & WhatsApp) (091) 99169-9355 / (091) 99311-2047

Paraguay: 009-800-120-005

Uruguay: 000-413-598-3381

Investor Relations Investor Relations
Personal Data Protection Channel Personal Data Protection Channel

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An exclusive portal for you, the owner of the data, to exercise your rights regarding processing of your personal data, as provided for in the current Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in force.

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Ethics Channel Ethics Channel

As part of our commitment, we make available to our employees, suppliers, customers and community members the ethics channels.

If you are aware of something that does not comply with our standards, please contact:

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You can also send an email to or contact us by phone:
Argentina: 0800-666-0653

Brazil: 0800-377-8047

Paraguay: 009-800-542-016

Uruguay: 000-401-91168

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For press related information and requests, contact:


  • +55 11 99998-9141
  • +55 11 3165-9702