Prioritizing sustainable development is an integral part of our mission, it is in our DNA. Due to that, we work on three sustainability pillars: Environmental, Social and Economic.
In addition to preventive measures to reduce environmental impact, the company seeks to keep a dialog and transparency relationship with local communities in the regions where we operate, also supported by an Integrated Management System (IMS).

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Sustainability at its core
The waterway mode is the most environmentally friendly transport available. One barge used to transport grain is equivalent to 1,200 trucks taken off the road. Specifically, in the Tapajós River region, one of Hidrovias do Brazil’s areas of operation, the operation removes about 90,000 trucks a year from the roads by transporting cargo across rivers. In addition, the waterway is the least emitting CO2 per tonne transported.

Environmental Sustainability
Our land and water operations seek to consider the supportive capacity of the environment aligned with a strategic and collaborative vision. We are following paths of integration and collaboration to enhance our positive, mitigating and preventive actions in a broad sense.

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Solid waste management
The solid waste management in our operations aims to apply the best available waste treatment, focusing on reducing environmental impacts and continuously improving processes for non-generation, reuse and circular economy practices.
Our generated sweeping organic waste is destined for composting – the cleanest organic reuse process that generates liquid and solid organic fertilizer as a byproduct.
60% of class I and II waste can already be destined for blending – generation process of new energy sources.

Surface Water Quality Monitoring 
We collect samples at strategically arranged points in our terminals to ensure water quality in the port perimeters. This monitoring shows us that, since the implementation of our operation in the north of Brazil, there has been no negative interference from the company’s activities.

Effluent Quality Monitoring
The program is directly related to water quality. Each of the onshore units (ETEs) receive quarterly quality monitoring campaigns, ensuring the integrity of local waters.

Terrestrial and Aquatic Fauna Monitoring 
We conduct periodic follow-ups on the permanence of species communities or possible changes resulting from the operation.

On board waste classification
Our tugs have suitable locations for the disposal of solid waste and they are separated according to 73/78 Marpol which provides the rules for preventing ship-source pollution.

On board prevention
Our vessels are equipped with materials for action in environmental emergencies and trained teams for the preliminary combat of harmful events that may compromise water and effluent quality and the quality monitoring strengthens our commitment to keep local waters free of contamination.

Acting in different cities
In Itaituba (Pará State), we are part of a company association in the logistics sector that, starting from the Environmental Licensing, began an integrated, multifunctional and strategic planning process for regional development assuming premises of integrated strategic territorial management. In a single move, we promote with partners a comprehensive environmental monitoring network that encompasses essential natural resources such as water, soil, air, fauna / flora and communities.
In Barcarena, we act as drivers of sustainable local and regional development, enhancing the economic development of the region, continuously seeking to grow our business with innovative projects with the least possible environmental impact, always focusing on operational excellence, continuous improvement, strengthening and development of relationships with stakeholders and precise control of environmental risks.
We are aligned with the most innovative sustainability management in our company and we spread the ideal of common and integrated commitment.


Hidrovias do Brazil has several national and international certifications and is constantly evaluated by audits of multilateral international agencies, such as the World Bank – IFC (International Finance Corporation). In addition, Hidrovias maintains all environmental licenses required by the competent authorities. We have already won several awards and recognition in recent years, such as the Chico Mendes Socio-Environmental Award, Latin America Quality Award and the Brazil Quality Certificate, which validates its commitment to EHS, quality and social responsibility.

Social sustainability

With the mission of contributing to the development of the communities where we operate, in 2017 we created the Hidrovias Institute and signed a long-term commitment to the Brazilian society.
Based on the UN’s sustainable development goals and the premise of society’s participation in the continuous improvement of the regions where we operate, the Institute develops into two guidelines: education and encouragement to local projects.

We will act on education in 4 ways:
•Professional training
•Complementary School Training
•Managers and educators training
•Improvement in school infrastructure

Local Projects
Local projects will count on our support in three ways:
•Promotion of entrepreneurship
•Valuing diversity
•Access to culture and leisure programs

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Find out more about the projects supported by Hidrovias Institute and our Corporate Volunteering program.

Vias do Bem – Corporate Volunteering Program
Our Corporate Volunteering program involves all the Company’s sites in several
actions. Our employees mobilize to visit charitable institutions and have the opportunity to collect products and money intended for local entities.

Dutra School and Vocational Training Incentive Program
Hidrovias has built a local school in Barcarena (Pará State), following the standards suggested by UNESCO, which impacts the lives of over 900 young people with quality education. We also support these students in their quest to enter the top Universities in Northern Brazil through Scholarships. We also offer preparatory courses for Enem writing.

Mão Certa Program 
In order to support care programs for children and teenagers who are victims of or vulnerable to sexual exploitation, we entered into a partnership with Childhood Brazil and became a signatory to the Business Pact against the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents. In 2017, we formed 20 multipliers, including employees of Hidrovias and people working in the communities surrounding our operation in Barcarena, Itaituba and Miritituba, enabling them to identify critical situations and make the necessary complaints and guidance.

Lixo Xiki Project
The project transforms materials that would originally be discarded into utensils such as bags, cases and backpacks. Hidrovias donates its old uniforms to be used as raw material for manufacturing materials.


Childwood do Brasil

Na mão certa

Instituto Federal Tecnológico do Pará (IFPA)

Ideia de Impacto

Marinha do Brasil – Capitania dos Portos da Amazônia Oriental

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