North Operation

This operation was started to meet an important demand for the transportation and outflow of commodities from the Central-West region through the Northern Arc of Brazil, creating a new route that takes advantage of the country’s waterway potential to move cargoes and bring development and competitiveness to the region and agribusiness, as well as savings and efficiency for farmers and exporters.

Today we are the only independent integrated logistics operator in the region, and we have the ability to offer our customers multiple transportation modes, including road, terminals, inland navigation, and cabotage.

Get to know our structure better:

Miritituba Cargo Transshipment Station – CTS

Started in 2016, the Cargo Transshipment Station (CTS) in Miritituba receives trucks that arrive with the goods through the BR163 highway, and carries the cargo in barges, which bring the goods to the harbor for later export.

The largest static capacity in the region:: 8 silos with static capacity for 144 thousand tons.

A floating pier with capacity for 30,000 tons/day.

4 truck dumpers with capacity for 25,000 tons/day.

Operation located in a 24.5-acre area, with a 370-acre land expansion capacity.

ETC Miritituba

Private Use Terminal – PUT Vila do Conde

Since 2016, the Vila do Conde Private Use Terminal (PUT) has been receiving barges and trucks with products of vegetable origin, such as soybeans and corn, and carries out the entire process of storage and transfer to the vessels that will export the products.

The more efficient harbor, with the largest moving capacity in 2017 in the region.

A pier with 10.9 fathoms (20 meters) of depth and berthing capacity for ships with 120k DWT, in addition to the capacity of expansion to other piers.

Boarding board for vessels, with a ship loader with load capacity for 40,000 tons/day.

Two warehouses with static capacity for 240,000 tons, and which can be expanded up to 360,000 tons.

Two grabs for barge unloading, with capacity for 716 tons/hour.

Bonded and licensed terminal for expansion to new products.

Possibility of expansion for other products and projects at the port area.

TUP Vila do Conde

The structure of Hidrovias at the North Arc is not a public concession. Rather, it consists of the company’s assets. Therefore, we always have the opportunity to expand and meet new demands in a customized fashion. We are always looking for innovation and possibilities to optimize the logistics system.

A success story is our fertilizers operation, started in 2017, with capacity to move up to 550,000 tons/year and with an expansion project of 1.5M per year as of 2020.

The Fertilizers operation creates a new route for imports of this product, which will allow the Mato Grosso region to add a new product segment for investment, developing the local agriculture industry. Local farmers will be more competitive, boosting gains from grain production.

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Bauxite Operation

In 2017, we have started a new chapter in our history by starting the bauxite operation and, to ensure maximum efficiency for this operation, we count on:

Two 82,200-ton tailor-made vessels operating between the Trombetas and Vila do Conde harbors, 38% more than the standard vessel operating at the same harbor.

Capacity for 6 million tons/year of bauxite in the dedicated trade, but with expansion capacity.

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Bauxite Operation

South Operation

The so-called South Operation involves logistics solutions in four Latin-American countries: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, with the transportation of grains, fertilizers, iron ore, cellulose, as well as port procedures.

Know the operation:

30-percent market share in the iron ore volume loaded on the waterway where we operate, and 22-percent market share in the Paraguayan grain volume.

Waterway transport of approximately 1 million tons/year of grain, leaving Paraguay and traveling approximately 900 miles towards Argentina and/or Uruguay.

A fleet consisting of 9 pushers.

144 jumbo barges and 36 Mississippi barges.

Operation through the Paraguay-Paraná waterway to transport 4.5+ million tons of various cargoes.

We made the largest convoy of the waterway, with 32 barges carrying 55,000 tons.

Where it all began:

Our first agreement was with Vale, for iron ore transportation, in 2012. The entire project was delivered six months before the deadline.

A 25-year agreement:

With the prospect of transporting 3.25 million tons of iron ore per year through the Paraná-Paraguay waterway.
The operations began in May 2014, thanks to planning and perfect integration between the parties involved. With this project, Hidrovias do Brasil became the largest logistic operator in contracted volume at this corridor.


In the first quarter of 2014, Grain transport contracts began with two of the region’s leading traders: Nidera – now Cofco – and Sodru, the largest soybean exporter in Paraguay. The trust over the three years of operation shows our excellence in execution of agreements and the operation of our assets, making us strategic partners for our clients.


Another important case of Hidrovias is the cellulose business, together with the Christophersen Group: 1.2 million tons of cellulose transported every year through the Uruguay River from Nova Palmira to Fray Bentos in Uruguay. The 10-year agreement is already underway, with two ushers and four barges, all dedicated and exclusive. We now hold a 48-percent market share in the cellulose transportation business in Uruguay.

TGM Project:

Expanding the partnership with the Christophersen Group, we also have the TGM project, whose operations began in 2016. It is a port terminal located within the public harbor of Montevideo, Uruguay, with an annual turnover of 2 million tons of grains and 800,000 tons of wood chips, with the possibility of including 300,000 tons of fertilizers per year.


Hidrovias do Brasil S.A. is the first company to offer multi-mode transportation in Mato Grosso for the export of commodities at the North Arc. A pioneering, innovative project, to provide services in integration with the company’s other logistics solutions.

Security for our clients, with quality and on-time delivery guarantee.

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Santos Project

Moving Fertilizers and Salt adding value to customers;


Operation forecast 900,000 tons of fertilizers in 2020;


Works between 2020 and 2021;


2022 – full operation with initial capacity 1.5 million tons / year – it will gradually increase up to 2.5 million tons / year.

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