HBSA Ethics Channel

Hidrovias do Brasil S.A. (“HBSA”), in compliance with the good corporate governance practices, and concerned about the maintenance of integrity and ethics in its operations, provides the Ethics Channel to its employees, clients, partners, investors and third-parties willing to report breaches or suspected breaches of its Ethics Code and corporate policies supporting HBSA operation, or laws that the company or its holdings must comply with.
The complaints or reports must be performed through the following channels:

By means of an online form online

By means of the e-mail etica@hbsa.com.br

Tel: Argentina 0800-666-0653
Tel: Brazil 0800 377 8047
Tel: Paraguay 009-800-542-016
Tel: Uruguay 000-401-91168

*Free call

The information provided will be kept confidential, except for the situations in which HBSA has legal obligation of reporting to the government bodies and authorities.

Whenever it is in the complainant’s interest or the situation so requires, the reporting may be performed anonymously, and the contents of the communications, under any circumstance, must be always the most complete as possible in order to enable the appropriate investigation of the facts by HBSA.