Born from a startup and founded in 2010, Hidrovias do Brasil S.A. is a company that develops integrated logistics solutions in South America with focus on the profiting of water transportation by means of innovative and competitive projects.

Established by the infrastructure fund of Pátria Investimentos (holding), it also relies on the participation of other funds, such as the Canadian AIMCO; Temasek, a sovereign fund from Singapore; IFC, financial branch of the World Bank; and BNDESPar, manager of interests in companies held by BNDES, among other partners also represented by Pátria Infraestrutura. By developing customized projects throughout Latin America, the company’s operation currently encompasses two main operations: Southern Logistic Corridor and Northern Logistic Corridor.


Hidrovias do Brasil S.A. aims to be the best logistic operator in Latin America.


Provide quality logistic services, using waterway transportation, always prioritizing sustainable development and carrying out businesses in an ethical manner.


- Honesty, Integrity and Transparency.

- Generation of Value for Shareholders and Clients.

- Excellence in Operational Safety.

- Environmental Responsibility and before the Community.

- Appreciation of the Team and Internal Ambience.

- Long-term partnership with Clients and Suppliers.


A Word from the CEO:

“A business is not created or established without the serious commitment to ethics. We work with transparency and ethics in everything we do, at each negotiation, at each project or hiring. This is Our Origin and we will not leave without that. Our goals will not be achieved if we do not work within our rules of conduct. Each one of us, collaborators in all the hierarchical levels and at all locations where we operate, will show this code in practice. There are no exceptions when speaking of ethics and conduct. THIS IS OUR TARGET”.
To view "Our Origin, Our Target" click here (Code of Ethics)

Bruno Serapião

CEO of Hidrovias do Brasil S.A.

Our Partners

Hidrovias do Brasil S.A. was initially build by the infrastructure fund of Pátria Investimentos, which invests in logistics and transportation, oil and gas, telephony infrastructure, water and sanitation sectors, with an emphasis on infrastructure of corporate clients support. In August 2011, the fund completed the fund-raising with the main institutional investors worldwide for the greatest investment fund dedicated to the infrastructure industry ever recorded in the country.

In March 2012, Pátria Infraestrutura entered into a shareholders and subscription agreement with Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCO) and Temasek (Sovereign Fund from Singapore) relating to the shares of Hidrovias do Brasil S.A. for new investments.

With the success of their investments, a new agreement was entered into in early 2015 with the commitment of funding. Subsequently, new investors became members of the shareholders group: BTO Mezanino FIP (Blackstone), BNDESPar and International Finance Corporation (IFC).



Um time de excelência, focado em desenvolver, implementar e executar as melhores soluções.